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Curb Appeal is Vital When Selling Your Home

Most people in town know that I’m married to a landscaper. So, after 22 years of marriage, there is obviously a little bit of the landscaping touch that has been passed onto me through Mark, and that has helped in my career tremendously.

Real estate is competitive. Each house for sale is competing for the attention of possible buyers. It has to show better than the other houses that are for sale in order to sell in a reasonable timeframe for top dollar. One of the most important things I make sure my clients know is the saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” There is nothing worse than having a beautiful interior of a home for sale if the exterior does not attract buyers to schedule showings. Photos of the interior will help, but most buyers will do a drive-by first to see the house, neighborhood, lot and location to schools or highways. If the exterior doesn’t look well maintained, the buyer will assume the interior is not well maintained either.

The first thing buyers will see when doing a drive-by is the mailbox to find the house number. How does your mailbox look? Does it even have the house number on it? Make sure your mailbox sets the tone for what you want the buyer to experience throughout the house. There are other maintenance items to keep in mind as well. Grass needs to be mowed, and shrubs need to stay trimmed and clean. Fresh mulch will help the look of the beds as well as keep weeds down. A

welcoming front walkway leads a buyer to the front door. Make sure you have a walkway. No buyer wants to sink into wet grass or dirt trying to get to the door. If you have an existing walkway, make sure it’s level, free of weeds and easy to walk on. Check your siding for peeling paint, especially trim, which always peels first.

Touch up areas that need it before listing your house for sale. Make sure your exterior lights are working. At this time of year, the sun is still out most of the evening, but as we get closer to fall it will get dark earlier. Outdoor lighting gives a beautiful view of the home and makes it safer and more inviting during evening showings. Outdoor lighting is a great way to stand out from your competition.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to a buyer choosing your home over another listing, but creating the best first impression on the exterior will lead to more buyers wanting to see the interior. The more showings, the more likely you’ll be to get a good offer for you home. It starts with curb appeal.

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