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Winter Listings

I get calls and emails every year from people asking about selling in the winter months. When is the best time to sell? Should I take my house off the market for the winter? Will my house just sit with no activity if I decide to list when there is snow on the ground? These are all common questions from people trying to sell their house or thinking of listing at this time of year.

Many of my clients will remove their house in the winter for a few reasons. Seller’s hate to move when it is freezing outside and there is a foot of snow on the yard. It is not as fun to load a moving truck in the middle of an ice storm. There is less traffic with buyers requesting to look at homes. So, keeping a house ready for showings everyday can be difficult and frustrating when showing requests decrease. Many people entertain during the holidays and do not want to accommodate last minute showings while cooking or getting ready for an event.

Did you know that if you remove your house from the MLS for more than 60 days it will reset the “days on market”? So, by coming off the market for a while in the winter you come back up in the MLS as a “New” listing. That will often attract more attention to your home compared to one that has been sitting for a while.

There are many effective strategies to help you plan the best time to list and when to take a break from having it listed for sale. Talk to a qualified Real Estate agent about your situation and we can help you come up with the best strategy for your home.

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