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Why Sell Now?

2018 is going to be a strong year for Real Estate in this area. The demand for houses is strong. More often than not, buyers are competing for homes that are priced correctly. The number of buyers looking to buy in the Sterling area exceeds the number of homes that are available which is good for sellers. My most recent Open Houses have been attracting record number of qualified buyers this spring. The other good news for sellers is that due to the low inventory and high number of buyers, buyers are doing everything they can to be competitive. Buyers are working with top Realtors and quality lenders to make sure they have a qualified team on their side ready to go to help submit a strong offer and get to closing as easily as possible.

For sellers who are moving to a larger home, there might not be a better time to sell. Starter homes are selling quickly but the larger homes take a bit longer. So, getting your house under agreement quickly will help you submit an offer on a larger home that might accept an offer tied to your current home sale.

Demand is strong right now and with little competition, 2018 looks to be a great time put your house on the market. Obviously, the timing needs to work for you and your family. If now is the right time for you to sell, call a Realtor to help you get the process started while the market is hot.

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