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Things to Do to get Your House Ready to Sell While Staying Home

Now is the perfect time to tackle a few of those projects you have been meaning to do, especially if you are planning to sell your house in the near future. With everyone trying to spend more time at home these days, here are a few easy tips to pass the time and get your home ready to sell in the


  1. Order a pod, these will be delivered to your driveway and you can work on cleaning out your house of extra furniture, boxes, garage clutter and items you don’t want to throw away but need to remove to show your house in the best light.

  2. Use a magic eraser or cleaning product to remove scuff marks on molding and walls. Have you been meaning to remove all those crayon marks, shoe scuffs on the stair treads or other normal wear and tear? Now is a great time to really look at your walls and woodwork with a critical eye and address those marks.

  3. Touch up paint. Usually you have the remaining paint in a can in the basement. Touch up rooms that need it to freshen up the space.

  4. Wash windows. We are finally into spring. Clean windows let in more light and will help your home show better once listed.

  5. Replace any burnt out lightbulbs and make sure they are all the same color and brightness as others in the room.

  6. Stain the deck. If your deck has not been stained in a while, give it a fresh coat. It always helps make the outdoor spaces look better and well maintained.

  7. Mulch the yard, trim the shrubs, remove any overgrown plants and replace them with fresh material. Add some annuals or potted plants to add color. Sterling Greenery will deliver all the necessary items if you don’t want to leave the house.

  8. Power wash the home, clean gutters, and paint the front door. These last few outdoor items will make a big difference in the first impression of your home when people arrive.

Not only will these items freshen up the area to enjoy while you are spending more time at home, but these are all important tasks to complete before we take photos and list your house. Getting them done now will put you ahead of schedule when you decide it is the right time to list.

If you have any questions on getting your house ready to sell, please call or email me. I am happy to meet over the phone, email or through video conferencing during this time. I can help you determine which projects are needed and worth your time.

For those of you that want or need to list now, I have developed new strategies for marketing your home during this uncertain time. I would be happy to go over these strategies like video tours, virtual meetings, electronic signature and other options to keep social distancing part of your home sale process.

Have a Real Estate Question?

Feel free to email me any of your questions and I would be happy to answer them next month in this column or directly to you. Email me at

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