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The Value of a Pool

Ever wonder if installing a pool is going to be beneficial or harmful when trying to sell your house in the future? Many homeowners struggle with this question when deciding whether to install a pool in their yard.

The best answer I can give is, if it is the right thing to do for your family while you are living in the home and you don’t have plans to sell the house in the next couple of years, then do what is right for your family.

Installing a pool is a large project and can be costly. In many cases, it enhances the look and feel of your backyard paradise. There will always be buyers who do not want the maintenance, cost, or liability of a pool when purchasing a home. In that case, those would not be your target buyers when you go to sell. You will be targeting families who want the pool and see the benefit of the look and feel that it creates in the landscape. Many people will value the fact that it is already completed and they don’t have to go through the process of installing the pool and pool patio themselves.

Does it add value? Not always and definitely not as much as you hope. Depending on the style, age, and the overall landscaping done around the pool, it can add some value. A well done pool with beautiful landscaping will give the home a “Wow” factor, look great in photos and give a good first impression. It can make a buyer choose to put an offer in on your property rather than a similar one without a pool. But as with many home renovations, you will never get the full value of the amount you spend when selling.

One tip to consider, houses that have a pool often sell better in the summer. Buyers can see the pool open, unlike in the winter or late fall when the pool is closed. Trying to sell a house when the pool is closed loses the beauty of what it creates in the landscape. It can also make buyers nervous that there might be something wrong with it since you can’t see it or have it inspected during the winter. In the summer, buyers can see the pool is working correctly with no maintenance issues. Houses sell best when people can picture themselves living in the home. Pools help people visualize entertaining and providing a fun environment to raise their children.

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