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Summer Real Estate Market

When is the best time to sell? If you ask any Real Estate agent that question, most will tell you Spring! Spring is the busiest season in Real Estate but there are other factors to consider if you are considering selling your home during the summer.

Summer months typically are a little less chaotic for sellers and buyers. Some clients prefer selling during the summer. In the spring, the landscape has not reached its full potential. Leaves are not always on the trees and summer plants take longer to fill out or flower. Summer landscapes have green grass, annuals have been planted for additional color and pools can be open and enhance the yard as well.

There is still plenty of time for a buyer to choose a house and get children enrolled in a new school before fall. Snow birds have plenty of time to sell and still make it to Florida before colder weather reaches us. And sometimes, kids being out of school makes it easier to list a house without the chaos of the school schedule.

Typically Summer months are a bit slower than spring for house sales. Some people will go on vacation during the summer and not be out house shopping as much but there are still many houses that sell every summer so don’t worry if you have not listed yet. Buyers are still out looking. 2018 has been a very active year for Real Estate and it seems like it will continue to stay strong for a while.

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