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Spring Frenzy

The 2019 spring frenzy has begun!

When putting a house on the market this time of year, I always recommend a few things:

Open the pool. A pool can be an attraction for some buyers, especially in photos. When I do aerial photos and drone videos for my listings, it’s much better to have the pool open and clean.

Add color. Using annuals and flowering plants can help with curb appeal and make pictures of the front of your house or entertaining area look more inviting.

Leave your lights on. People will often do a drive-by before making an appointment, so leaving lights on at night helps make your house look attractive and safe. Landscape lighting can add

nighttime curb appeal as well. And keep your lawn mowed. A well-maintained lawn, driveway and gardens will give a positive impression of your home.

Pressure wash dirty windows, siding, and roof. It’s amazing what a simple wash down will do for the appearance of your home. Outdoor furniture should be out and cleaned as well. Don’t forget that people usually see your mailbox first so make sure it’s in good condition, or think about upgrading to a granite one.

When house hunting, make sure you pick an agent that is available seven days a week. In this kind of market, houses sometime sell in the first few hours. A buyer’s agent should be able to get you into a house as soon as it comes on the market. If your agent isn’t available during the day, the house could sell before you even get a chance to see it. Your buyer’s agent should also be experienced in negotiation to prevent overspending in a bidding war. They should know how to use escalation

clauses properly and other ways to make your offer look stronger. Sometimes it’s not just about price, so make sure you hire a fulltime, experienced buyer’s agent that knows how to get you the house of your dreams. The best part is that a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you anything. They get paid by the seller.

The spring market has its benefits and challenges. There are more houses for sale, but there are also more buyers competing to get the house of their dreams.

My best advice is to write down what you want in a house before you start shopping so you can look back and see if the houses you’re looking at check the right boxes. There is a difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification. Make sure you get pre-approved by a reputable lender before you start house shopping.

Happy house hunting!

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