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Keep Safe While Selling Your House

The spring frenzy hit this week! COVID-19 forced a delay in spring house listings and buyer traffic, but this week we are seeing more traffic than ever before! I listed a house last week in Sterling and had 47 showings in the first 72 hours with 21 offers!

COVID-19 is not hurting traffic or home values yet. I anticipate a busier than normal summer and fall because of travel restrictions. Normally, I would tell you to list in late March or April to take advantage of the spring market, but this year I think you will have just as much traffic all year long. We have no idea how this shift in the economy will affect the housing market long-term but for now I

see a seller’s market continuing.

There are some things your agent should be doing to keep you safe while selling your house during COVID-19. There should be no open houses because there are too many people in the house at one time. All showings need to be accompanied by an agent. The agent should use hand sanitizer before opening all doors prior to the showing. There should not be anyone under 18 years old allowed in the house at any time. The buyers should not be able to touch anything in the house and should only be allowed to spend 15 minutes in the house.

Your agent should send a COVID-19 safety instruction sheet to all agents prior to the showing. This should verify that they have not been exposed to anyone with the virus within 14 days and they agree to follow the agent’s guidelines.

Houses sell at all times of the year, but if you are thinking of selling this year, now is the time that you will most likely see the most traffic. The more traffic, the more people are likely to pay a higher price for your home. Make sure your agent prices your home competitively and advertises your home properly to drive the most traffic.

For a free estimate on what your home will sell for during this “spring market,” feel free to contact me at 978-407-2568.

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