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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

In order to maximize the potential sale price and number of showings on your property, it is important to show the house at its best. Staging, decluttering, and cleaning will go a long way to helping you get top dollar for your home.

Here are some of the most inexpensive things to do when getting your house ready to sell. Paint! A fresh coat of paint will cover scuff marks and give the home a clean feel. Make sure to choose a neutral color. Buyers can picture their style better if the palette is neutral. You can add color with décor or pillows to prevent it from being too boring.

Declutter! The best thing you can do when putting your house up for sale is declutter! Rent a storage unit if necessary but try to remove as much as possible. Rooms will look bigger with less in them. If you have a small dining room, only have 4 chairs instead of 6 or 8. Remove out of season coats and clothing from closets so they don’t appear packed and too small. Declutter is the cheapest, easiest task with a high return on your investment of time.

The most important rooms in the house are kitchens and bathrooms. Look around with a critical eye. Fix caulking if necessary, remove clutter, buy new towels and shower curtains that are clean and neutral. Light colored towels and shower curtains help brighten the smallest room in the house.

Staging a home for sale does not necessarily mean you need to remove everything and hire a professional stager to bring in all new furniture. As a Certified Staging Professional, I usually reuse furniture you have. Staging is often about removing extra items and changing the placement of furniture to help the layout or flow of the rooms. You do not need to spend a lot of money staging your home. A few small changes on placement will go a long way. Staging a home for sale is different than decorating a home to live in. Not sure what to do? Call a Realtor with staging experience for advice!

Most buyers will do a “drive by” before scheduling an appointment. Keep in mind, your curb appeal from the street is the first impression. Keep the lawn mowed, gardens maintained, and a couple of pops of color with fresh planters. All these tips will help entice buyers to make an appointment to see the inside if the exterior of your home looks well maintained and attractive.

According the Association of Home Staging Professionals 95% of homes that are properly staged will sell for 17% more. Also, homes that are properly staged will sell 88% faster than homes that are not.

Try to see your house from a potential buyer’s perspective. In today’s market, every detail matters when trying to sell for top dollar. For more tips or advice, feel free to call or email me. If you would like a copy of my staging checklist, email me at

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