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Fall Market Underway

Fall has arrived! Kids are back in school, apple picking will be starting, and the fall real estate market is underway. Traditionally, the fall market is the second best time of the year to sell your house. We all talk about the spring frenzy, but there’s a benefit to selling in the fall, especially in Sterling and Princeton. What drives a hot market is the number of potential buyers. In the fall, Sterling and Princeton get more traffic because of the fall festivals at Wachusett Mountain and the apple orchards, all events that bring people into our towns.

Back to school also creates a trigger to start house hunting. Summer vacations are over, the school year has started and people get back into a routine. The fall routine usually encourages buyers to start house hunting again. Buyers who got discouraged in the spring will often take the summer of from looking at houses. Fall encourages buyers to start looking again to f nd their perfect home before the holidays.

If you are thinking about selling this fall, make sure your house is ready to maximize potential for a buyer to fall in love with your home. Don’t forget about curb appeal. Make sure leaves are raked and the yard looks good. Pick up some fall plants and pumpkins for the mailbox and entry way.

Fall is also a great time for showings. Houses without air conditioning show better in the fall during cooler weather. Houses with a view of fall foliage, and houses near an apple orchard, sell better in the fall. Fall decorating can enhance a home to attract more showings. Fall themed scented candles and fresh baked goods can add a cozy feel to your home.

I saw the market slow down a bit in August, especially in the higher priced homes. But, I’m anticipating a busy fall for real estate. If you need advice getting your home ready for a fall sale, please let me know.

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